THE TIME MOSAIC, The captivating saga of a Northumbrian family

Susan Durst, whom many of us know as an English teacher at UTL Bergerac, recently published her first novel on Amazon, The Time Mosaic. She is now already under contract with a UK publishing house, who will release her book early next year in Britain and the U.S. in both paperback and e-book format.

Susan grew up in a Tyneside colliery village before leaving Newcastle to take a degree in French. Prior to settling in the Dordogne she and her French husband lived in Paris for many years.

Susan has always been interested in the turbulent history of North East England, as well as the political and economic forces which shaped it. The Time Mosaic is thus a historical novel, set in rural Northumberland and the mining villages of Tyneside.

The book also tells the story – over four centuries – of one family’s struggle to survive. Generation after generation the Robertsons face civil war and religious persecution, poverty and oppression, to search for their place in the mosaic of time.

To find a full synopsis of The Time Mosaic and reader reviews, simply click here.

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  1. Bravo Susan, je suis très admirative.
    Je signale par la même occasion que le "click here" ne renvoie pas sur la page du synopsis.


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